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Build R2

We built this R2 with wood and aluminum in 1984.

John and R2 on Tatooine (Cape Cod, really . . . )

Here is a brief explanation of how we built our R2-D2 replica.


We found a plastic domed-shaped terrarium that was the right diameter of R2's head.
We cut
holes in the dome and made the eye and the holographic projectors out of wood
and plastic. I found a
glass dome petri dish for R2's glass eye. Next, we got a heavy cardboard
barrel from a factory and cut it to match the diameter of  the
dome head. Then we bought some
thin white
aluminum. This aluminum is usually used to cover wood on houses. Holes were cut in
the barrel and the aluminum where R2's body detail would be added. The head fits inside
the body so it is
able to rotate. The black lines on R2's body were drawn on with a black marker.
We glued the white aluminum onto the
barrel. The legs were made from wood and covered with
the white aluminum. We cut holes in the upper body, put a sonotube through the body and then
attached the legs. We made hinges at
the bottom of the legs so the feet can rotate when R2 is
standing on three feet.


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